Emergency Dentist in Chandler, AZ

Are You Looking for an Emergency Dentist for your Child in Chandler?

Children should not have to be in pain. If your child has a toothache or other dental emergency, call our office in Chandler. You can come in the same day for emergency services and fast pain relief. Our board certified pediatric dentists will treat your child with the best care available while you watch in the treatment room.

What Kind Of Injuries Are True Emergencies?

Little girl having an examination from an emergency dentist in Chandler AZ.With children, dental emergencies often depend on whether or not there is bleeding or pain. For instance, if a primary or baby tooth gets bumped and chipped, we would want to see your child, but might not consider it an emergency that needs to be seen right away, especially if nothing hurts.

But if your child’s teeth have been knocked out, broken, or show signs of an abscess, they must be repaired quickly in order to save them.

Cuts or bite injuries to the soft tissue that bleed should be treated as an emergency if bleeding does not stop.

Chronic toothaches that cause severe pain should also receive immediate care. If the pain tends to be milder and off or on, the visit can be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

For these items call our office immediately for a same day appointment or get much-needed reassurance. If you believe your child has a fractured jaw or if he has been hit hardly in the head, take him to the nearest Emergency Room.

What Do I Do With A Broken Or Knocked out Tooth?

If the tooth has been knocked out cleanly, rinse it in warm water without scrubbing or wiping and press it back into the socket as soon as possible. This simple step can save the tooth. Put a clean piece of cotton gauze under the tooth and bite down to keep it in place while you come to our office.

If the tooth is broken or will not go back into the socket, rinse it and place it in a clean cup, covered by milk, contact solution or your child’s saliva. If your child is old enough to hold something in his mouth, he could hold the tooth in the pocket of his cheek. Come to our Chandler office immediately as time is of the essence when repairing a broken tooth.

My Child Complains That Her Tooth Hurts

Little girl holding the side of her face because of a tooth ache and needing an emergency dentist in Chandler AZA toothache is one of the most painful conditions that a person can experience. If your child’s tooth still hurts after brushing and rinsing with warm water, floss the area to remove any food particles that might be stuck. If it continues to be painful, or if it is swollen, use a cold compress for as long as she will tolerate it and bring her in for a check.

Do not use aspirin or heat on a sore tooth, as it can make problems worse.

How Are We Going To Afford This?

If you or your child has a dental emergency, the last thing you need to worry about is how to pay for it. We accept a variety of different insurances, including Arizona AHCCCS. Additionally, we work with a third party lender – CareCredit – to offer 0% financing.

As your child grows, their baby teeth should have spaces between them for adult teeth. We have orthodontic solutions to treat or help avoid spacing issues.


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