Pediatric Dental Services in Chandler, AZ

Group of teens taking group selfie with healthy smiles from dental services in Chandler AZAt Kids Dental Center in Chandler, our practice includes board certified pediatric dentists and orthodontists offering premium pediatric dental services. Our goal is to help your child make healthy choices for their teeth and develop excellent oral hygiene habits that will give them a beautiful smile for a lifetime. We will provide them with the highest standard of care in a gentle manner that gains their trust.

Our open door policy ensures that parents are always welcome in the room with their children for any treatment.

Comprehensive Kids Dental Services

By the time your child is one, you should be establishing a Dental Home: a relationship with a dentist who can provide excellent continuing care. Our pediatric dentists offer every treatment your child could need, including:

Preventive Therapies: Regular teeth cleanings, dental exams and x-rays are a cornerstone of dental care. Make sure your child follows up the dental visits with brushing and flossing at home! If your child has deep grooves in their teeth, a tooth sealant may be appropriate to keep out potential decay. Ask us how! Our hygienists are always happy to help your child learn to care for his or her smile.

Restorative Care: Restoring baby teeth is very different from restoring permanent teeth, but the goal is the same: save as much of the tooth structure as possible. We can provide everything from tooth fillings in permanent teeth to pulpotomies in baby teeth. Early care is important for a developing smile.

Therapeutic Care: Our convenient therapy options impact how teeth and oral structures can develop over time. For our youngest patients, we offer tongue and lip tie revisions to aid in nursing and speech development. Pre-Teens and Teens often need orthodontic therapy to straighten and align teeth and bites.

Emergency Dentist: When a dental emergency happens, you need to have a Dental Home for your child. We can provide excellent emergency care to save a knocked out or chipped tooth, mend a lacerated lip or cheek, or soothe and heal a toothache.

Young boy getting his teeth examined as part of full dental services in Chandler AZPatient Education: We want to provide as much education and knowledge to our patients and their parents as possible. Check out our Teen Dental Center for information about mouth guards, piercings and tobacco use, among many other things!

Sedation: Adults can have dental anxiety, and we even have the ability to understand the procedures and why we are having them! Children, especially young children, have a hard time understanding why they have to be still and have a hand in their mouth. Sedation, whether nitrous, oral conscious, or IV will allow them to relax and be still for treatment!

First Dental Visit: The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends you have a Dental Home for your child by their first birthday. Check out our suggestions for preparing your little one for his or her first appointment!


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