We love our patients – and they love us right back! Please see the below reviews from several of our wonderful patients and their families.

Thanks for being so patient with my daughter and son. They are both very anxious to go to the dentist but my daughter’s anxiety diminished when she started going here. I believe it’s the positive personalities that helped her through it. Thanks Kids Dental! You guys are awesome. – Justina S. 

I am so blessed by this dentist office. My daughter has been needing extensive work done and they have been doing an amazing job at working through it all. The staff are friendly and accommodating and Dr. A is so good with my girly. They have helped this worried mama have peace during procedures and my scared little lady to be a little more brave. Thank you thank you so much for what you all do, from the front desk to the Dr.’s you all rock! – Emily H. 

The best pediatric dental practice! Doctor Abdoll and all the staff are one of a kind, to the point that I flew my daughter all the way from Washington DC to be taken care of by doctor Abdoll for her complicated dental case and could not be happier with the result! Thank you Kids Dental Center – Nilou M. 

My sons could not be more different when it comes the way they deal with the dentist. One is excited and is all over the place and the other is timid and scared. Drs. Davis and Abdoll, as well as the rest of the staff, are amazing with them both. It is obvious they care deeply for their patients and the quality of care is tremendous. I can’t imagine taking them anywhere else. – Laura J. 

I’ve been going to Kids Dental Center for a awfully long time, and I will tell you there is not a better place in the whole Valley to take your kids. I have entrusted them with the care of my 5 kids’ dental needs. It begins well before check-in. They will call, email, and text you about coming appointments. Not annoying, but just well placed reminders that you have something coming up. The front desk is always cheerful, and the waiting area is always clean and has stuff to engage the kids while we wait. They are always upfront in what your insurance covers and what will be required payment of you. They go above and beyond to explain everything. Not to leave out Dr. Davis who is amazing as well. I’ve been with Dr. Abdoll since he was the man, even remember his boy being around the office while he worked. I will tell you, even though he has gotten bigger business wise, it still feels like family when you go there. Thanks to Kids Dental Center you guys are the best. Sure to see you for many more years to come. – Jason O. 

Dr. Abdoll is the best pediatric dentist in the valley, I believe everybody knows it by now. His capability of doing the right diagnosis is notable, he is extremely gentle and patient with his young battalions, and they love him dearly. Kids Dental Center is one of a kind, we are very fortunate to have Kids Dental Center on our side. Wishing you all the best. – Asma N. 

I have a special needs son who requires extra patience and attention, in addition we had somewhat complicated insurance options. Dr. Davis and the entire staff at Kids Dental were so great with us from start to finish, we couldn’t have had a better experience for our child. My first recommendation to any parent looking for high quality pediatric dentistry will be Kids Dental and Dr. Davis. Kids Dental took great care of our son, and handled all the insurance and financial matters very professionally and with great follow-up. Very happy parent, very clean toothed son! – Mike M. 

Every time we walk into Kids Dental we are greeted kindly. There is a movie going and games to play to keep my children busy while we wait (which has never been too long)! The environment throughout the building is extremely kid friendly and the TV’s mounted to the ceiling are genius. Once taken back, my children are greeted by the assistants and spoken to directly (which I appreciate very much). One of my daughters has anxiety and the staff have been very patient with her from x-rays to dental work. Once we are with the doctor my kids are comfortable a so am I. I truly appreciate the doctor’s honesty and cost saving methods to try before having to go to a more expensive route. During procedures the doctor always walks myself and my children through everything that is going on. I feel this relieves their anxiety and nerves, especially my oldest daughter’s. The staff is very encouraging and always gives my children a coin or sticker or both to keep the positive experience going at the end. The check-out process is easy and the staff is always ready for us as we are exiting. You all are awesome!!! Thank you for treating me and my children with respect and creating an amazing environment for my children from start to finish! – Amanda R. 

Great staff, great dentists. I always feel comfortable bringing my kids to this dental center. I have always had good experiences here and will continue to bring my children here for all their dental needs. The visit was good. The front office staff was courteous and professional, the wait was minimal, and the dentist was great! They really understand kids and are so patient with them. Great dental office for kids. – Claudia R. 

We have been extremely happy with Kids Dental Center for about 6 years now. We have 2 girls with anxiety and we have yet to have one issue while they are there. The Dr. and staff always talk to my children letting them know what is going to happen, which I truly appreciate. I feel every procedure that has been done with my children has always been conservative and needed and not jumping ahead of things or just because. Thank you for your amazing attitude, customer service, and friendliness! – Mandy R. 

We had a wonderful experience at Kids Dental Center. My daughter has had slight anxiety with previous dental offices and especially taking x-rays. Peter was very patient and kind to my daughter and he was able to calm her down and get good x-rays on her! He let her get a prize from the giant gumball machine for being good, she loved it! When we went back for her fillings she was relaxed and comfortable and I felt like the treatment she needed was explained to me fully. We look forward to our checkup visits now because they are so easy! Thank you to the amazing Doctors and staff who made it as painless as possible for my daughter! – Leah B. 

My son is Autistic and the last dental exam he had was terrible. I found Kid Dental Center on Google search and I praise God I found them! Had our first visit today and I think it was the best appointment we have EVER had. They were all very patient with my son and his anxiety. I’m usually a mess but not this time! Thank you so much! – Lynsee C. 

Every time I bring my daughter here, I am more and more impressed! I wish there was a dental office for adults that took away all the fear and anxiety of going to the dentist because that is what this place does for children. My daughter has no fear of the dentist and having that peace of mind is everything to me as her mom. I am especially thankful to Dr. Davis because she treats my child so incredibly well but also with such respect and kindness. I’m never taking my daughter anywhere else! – Bianca H. 

I have been coming to Kids Dental for a couple years now. I will not trust anyone else with my kids dental needs!!! Dr. Abdoll and Dr. Davis are amazing!!! Dr. A makes me feel safe with procedures that include sedating my son, explains everything that will happen before we go in the back. Dr. Davis is hilarious! She knows how to give the kids important lectures on brushing but not shamming. I love her sense of humor and my teenager does too!!! The assistants are great! The girls in the front are amazing too!! These girls work with my schedule and make it very easy to bring two kids in on same day, its appreciated with busy work schedule. The sense of trust is built and I cant imagine letting my kids go anywhere else!! Thank You kids Dental for being Amazing!!!! – Mayra H. 

Great staff they made my daughter’s visit fun, painless and enjoyable. Staff was super nice, sweet, asked questions to make her feel comfortable and they are knowledgable and also provided educational information to maintain a healthy smile. Highly recommended especially if your child hates going to the dentist. It’s a different experience with great results. – April M. 

I’ve had Dr. Abdoll as my boy’s dentist for 9 years. Sadly we are moving out of state in 3 weeks and we just made our last dental check-up with him before we move… We’ve had all kind of treatment from him since he was a 2 year old baby… until now he is 11 year old big boy, Dr. Abdoll has been gave him best treatment for him and we totally trusted his decision. We hope we will be able to find a fine Doctor like him where we move and we will miss him and his staff. THANK YOU! – Susie H. 

I always have trouble with my 10 year old at Dr and Dentist offices. She acts like a 2 year old and refuses to cooperate. It is very difficult for me to deal with and I have tried everything. I always have great experiences with my other kids at Kids Dental Center, however, last week when I took my 10 year old, I had a wonderful experience with her. Ashley was able to work with her and get x-rays and clean her teeth without problems. Ashley helped her to feel more comfortable than she has ever felt in any office and helped her to feel confident and calm. I am so thankful for Ashley and wished that she could be at all appointments with my daughter. – Heather B. 

My kids and I love Kids Dental Center. We are always greeted with a smile as we walk in by the girls in the front office. My kids are taken back right away. The dental assistants always make my kids feel excited for there visit. They are always nice and attentive with them and making them laugh. We have seen all the Dr and we can say they are also all great. They are also always excited to receive their prize at the end and toothbrushes. Thanks Kids Dental for all your hard work. – Lizette M. 

My son has been a patient of Dr. Davis since he was 1, he now is 5 1/2. He is nervous at every visit, but the staff do such a wonderful job of encouraging him. EVERY person in that office is very caring and helpful. Dr. Davis is amazing! She is always so kind and gentle. My son is not a fan of having his teeth cleaned/checked and cries…..but not for very long! Dr. Davis and her assistants have a way of talking to him. They explain what they are doing or what they need to do. Dr. Davis even shows him the tools before she uses them (her mirror and polisher). This makes him less nervous about what is going into his mouth. At the end of every visit they offer very cool prizes and stickers! What child doesn’t love that!! I can’t say enough good things about this pediatric dental office! I would highly recommend. – Lisa S. 

My story is very similar to the first poster.  My son, now 11, has been going to Dr. Davis since he was 2 and he fell at daycare, banging his mouth and essentially killing one of his front baby teeth.  When he was 6 or 7 he had two teeth extracted to make room for his adult teeth.  He didn’t even realize what was going on until after the fact.  He had no pain or issues whatsoever.  Dr. Davis is always very warm and gentle with my son and the staff is friendly and professional.  Yes there are video games and movies in the waiting room, but I find they calm my son’s nerves while waiting to see the dentist. We love Dr. Davis and Kids Dental Center! – Randi A.

We have been bringing our son into the Kids Dental Center since he was 1 year old, he is now 7. At the age of 3 our son fell and damaged his 2 front teeth. This was an ongoing issue for a few years – handled beautifully by Dr. Davis & staff. Now that my son is older he has needed braces, tooth extractions etc.  Although my boy doesn’t like his braces, he really doesn’t mind them either. He has had 2 extractions and each one has been smooth sailing. A visit to the dentist is NOT scary or painful or unpleasant. He trusts them, I can see it in his body language and that puts me at ease. I can not even begin to express how amazing this office is. One thing that really stands out to me is that the staff, Dr. Davis included, has no qualms about asking someone else for a second opinion or to look at their work. There’s no ego going on this office. There have been several times when Dr. Davis has called Dr. Abdoll in to take a look at my son’s mouth, just to check on something or to consult. I love that! Dr. Davis exudes warmth, kindness and professionalism. The most amazing thing about her is that she LOVES her job and it shows! The staff is wonderful – the front office staff – they are friendly, sweet and funny. Whenever I call they actually remember me and my son. They have always, always accommodated us, seen us at the last minutes etc. They retain their staff, which is nice. The hygienist, assistants and office staff are not constantly changing. This tells me that people enjoy their jobs and the office.  It also means that they really get to know you. They are also very budget conscious. Finances are taken into consideration when they are presenting you with dental work that needs to be done. I have been presented with a breakdown of expenses and choices of what treatment route to go. In my son’s case we had 2 options. One was early braces, the other was a more lengthy treatment. I was told, in detail, about each treatment and then presented the financial end of it. I was made to feel at ease by Dr. Davis, not pressured to chose one over the other. I did end up choosing the more expensive option, but I would have not felt awkward asking for the cheaper way. We didn’t have it in the budget to pay for braces outright so we started a monthly payment plan, which was a god-send. We just love going here. I wish they could be my dentists too!  My son has *never* left there without a smile on his face. – Shakey M. 


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